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This may not be a question at all. However, just to make a point, do grown up still knows how to color? You might say that coloring is just child’s play but still there are techniques that we used to do to color pictures and images when we were still young that we don’t know anything about anymore. In reality, there are ways to color a picture that is fun and exciting like what we did when we were still young. So how you color a picture?

In coloring an image, the person’s imagination must work. The person must be able to think about the image and colors that will good look with it. The strokes also matters when applying color to a picture. The stroke must go along with the picture. If the photo is leaning towards the left and the stroke of applying color must be on the same way. Generally, these are the ways to color a picture and in using these techniques, the pictures will look amazing.

Choosing the colors to use

There is no particular choice of colors to use in any coloring activities. The important thing is that there is a set of coloring tools to use. But here are some points to consider in coloring any picture.

  • Use every color – rainbow spectrum is what they call this technique and once you know how to apply every color in one single photo, you will certainly enjoy doing it again.
  • Never settle – don’t settle on using a dominant color. Let your imagination take you wherever it goes.
  • Draw and color – another thing that is good to try is to use your own drawing and color it the way you want. It’s fulfilling and very satisfactory.
  • Always overdo it – enjoy coloring while you still have the time to do it. That is the most important thing, enjoying what you are doing.

The best thing an individual can achieve through coloring is relaxation. Being able to enjoy your coloring activity and relax at the same time is the ultimate feeling your can have.